Sexy Lingerie Pics

( ... and Why Men Like Them!)

Here's some sexy lingerie pics of our lovely mature lady, Kerry, to demonstrate what (and what not) to choose if your intention is to titillate the man in your life.

We've used very formal pics, showing back and front in each case, so that you can get a really good look at the underwear sets. If you imagine Kerry in a sexy, languid pose instead, you can better understand the full impact of the lingerie

Kerry undies tiny blackg1 Kerry undies tiny blackg2

This first set of sexy lingerie pics is a "man-killer" because it's black (a preferred colour amongst males) and it's tiny, revealing both round bosom and round buttock. Sexy underwear is about hiding just enough to make the male mind curious.

Fabrics need to be soft and silky for the tactile male hand to enjoy stroking. Some sort of sparkly silver or gold feature is good because men are like blackbirds - their eyes are drawn to sparkle.

What Sexual Associations Does Your Lingerie Suggest?

Kerry undies sexy blackg1Kerry undies sexy blackg2

These next two sexy lingerie pics, show another black set which is interesting for its Eastern, harem theme. The hint of harem seems to excite men. (Expand the pic to see the detail). Though it's not as tiny as the first lingerie set, it is still a winner because of its Eastern evocativeness.

It offers good uplift to breasts and a reasonable back view, with a keyhole feature. The keyhole look, in lingerie, clothing and shoes, is a big winner with men, who find it to be full of sexual promise.

The rear view, although not as "full-on sexy" as the tiny g in the first set of pics, is still cheeky and cute.

Sizzling Red is Always a Winner

Equally as popular with men as black, is sexy red, which they equate with an adventurous "red hot" woman. It's nice to play the red card to "up the ante" if your male is a touch lukewarm.

Kerry undies red boy leg1 Kerry undies red boy leg2

The bra in these sexy lingerie pics gives great uplift and there's a nice, silky red satin band over the lace.

The boy leg lace pant is see-through. As we can all easily guess, anything transparent or semi-transparent gets your male excited simply because he's intrigued to see that which he cannot yet entirely see.

Men are quite simple creatures when compared with women, so we must take care to stick to basic principles, and not over-analyse, when purchasing our sexy underwear.

What's Not Sexy

As we're on a high now, discovering what will get us the full attention of our males, perhaps it's the right time to look at a couple of underwear sets that won't!

Here's some very un-sexy lingerie pics and the contrast they offer to our earlier pics may help to hone the important points in our minds.

Kerry undies daggy1 Kerry undies daggy2

This first set, which we can hardly call either a "set" or "lingerie" is what we wear when we are sacrificing sex for comfort. The two concepts should never share the same sentence.

We all seek comfort at times, and this daggy, tragic underwear is the kind of thing we put on. It's too utilitarian to be sexy, it covers too much, is the wrong kind of fabric, is not see-through, is the wrong colour .... Need we go on?

Kerry undies dreary1 Kerry undies dreary2

This second set tries hard to be sexy, but misses on many levels. Firstly the colour is wrong since it doesn't suggest anything to do with sex.

The bra is big and is a boring shape - it doesn't showcase the breasts in any evocative sort of way. It's the sort of underwear Mary Poppins might wear to look sexy.

The see-through lace in the front of the brief is not bad, but it reverts to solid fabric at the back which is anti-climactic.

Girly "Cute" is Not Usually Sexy

Kerry undies girly1Kerry undies girly2

Those cute, little patterned underwear sets that you and your girlfriends think are eye-catching and attractive are not usually the ones that men like.

So if you want to please your girlfriends, go for something like this one (pics left and right).

It's trendy, and cute, but patterned underwear is rarely sexy. Stick to plain colours in black, red and white if you want to be sexy.

Occasionally you might find another strong colour in a shiny, silky material that works, like purple, or emerald green. If you find a lingerie set like this, assess it on its own merits for cut, colour, fabric and trim, to see if it passes the "sexy test". Don't be influenced by over-eager sales ladies!

"Virginal" White

Our next set of sexy lingerie pics shows the other colour that men really like - white. Why? Because of it's virginal associations. Men have been pre-occupied with virgins since the beginning of time and the uppermost theme in that particular storyline is deflowering the virgin, or the good girl who turns out to be a hot and steamy lover.

Here's Kerry looking very virginal in her cute little white number, with sexy low-cut bra and skimpy briefs. You can be sure that 9 out of 10 men are giving these pics their full attention!

Kerry undies white1 Kerry undies white2

Quiz: Which Red Lingerie Set is Sexier?

Here is red sexy lingerie pic, Set 1 in our Quiz. Assess it for cut, fabric, and anything uniquely sexy it possesses.

Kerry undies hot red1 Kerry undies hot red2

Here is the red sexy lingerie pic, Set 2 for you to assess. Is it more sexy or less sexy than the first set, and why?

Kerry undies redtragic1 Kerry undies red tragic2

This is a very clear example of why colour and fabric alone are not enough. Both sets are a great shade of red, and one is a see-through lace, the other a silky, soft fabric. So both sets get 10/10 there.

But on "cut" Set no 2, is clearly vastly inferior to Set no 1.

The bra on Set 2 makes Kerry's breasts look smaller than they are and the pants are just too large. The pants from the back make Kerry's behind look very ho-hum and her legs look dumpy (which they are definitely not).

The Moral of the Quiz ...

The moral of this quiz is that we need to take a long hard look at any "sexy" lingerie and not buy it on impulse. Here's a checklist.

Colour - Is it Red, Black or White?

Fabric - Is it soft, silky, transparent or lacy?

Cut - Does the bra lift the breasts and enhance their shape? Does the brief make your rear look, cheeky, round and naughty? Does it make your legs look long or dumpy?

Trim - Does it have some eye-catching feature, like a gold or silver trim, or a keyhole feature?

Theme - Is its design evocative of some much-loved male sexual fantasy (eg harem girl, good girl gone bad, wanton virgin)?

The underwear sets that are "winners" in these sexy lingerie pics, all pass enough of the checklist points to qualify as ultra-sexy lingerie.

Love Your Mature Sexuality

Kerry undies black soft1

It's good to love yourself as a mature, sexy woman and not be shy. Once you've grasped the basic principles of what men find sexy about lingerie, you can begin to experiment with your own style. Express your own, unique sexuality through your lingerie.

Kerry undies soft3

This set, for instance, is quite sexy because it's see-through lace in black, with a reasonable cut. It feels comfortable because it's soft, but it doesn't offer much support, so the breasts are not looking va-va-voom.

You feel like you want to push the breasts together as in the pic right. The set is sexy enough for an established partner who already loves you dearly, but it's not the lingerie for a wild, torrid affair with a new lover.

Sexy Lingerie Separates

Kerry cheeky boy leg1

Sometimes you will have a pair of briefs that look sexy on their own but not with a bra, like these cute, lacy, black boy leg briefs. They look uber-sexy on their own, but not so good with a bra. Then you can just go topless for best effect.

Kerry undies boy leg2

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We hope these sexy lingerie pics inspire at least a few mature ladies to "walk on the wild side" a little when next choosing their lingerie.

Our first piece of advice is, if you don't have a sexy red bra and panty set already - make that the first order of business.

60 is the new 50, and 50 is the new 40, so we can easily stay sexy for much longer if we so desire. We hope you'll find the tips in this website encouraging, informative and helpful!

End of Sexy Lingerie Pics

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