Soften Neck Wrinkles Without Surgery

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Neck wrinkles can be quite unforgiving. In fact the neck and the hands are the two chief places which give away a woman’s age. Often after face surgery the mature woman’s face seems so smooth that her neck damage is thrown into sharp relief.

I have always had issues with my neck, which I guess is a little different because most ladies have issues with big bottoms, fat thighs or wrinkles on their faces!

But I could not wear my hair in an upstyle hairdo because I have a “navvy” or “workman's” neck (old weather-beaten man’s neck), more so at the back than the front of the neck although the deep lines did travel around to below my ears.

The 3 pics below are different views of my neck before the treatment.

Kerry neck beforeKerry neck before 2 Kerry neck back

Here's a before pic (below left) and an after pic (below right) of the same area of my neck:

Kerry neck before Kerry neck after

What Causes Wrinkly Necks?

My favorite Face Stylist, Janesse Taylor-Saar at, told me I had two main problems which caused the neck wrinkles. Firstly my neck had deep lines from holding my head in a very rigid position, and the second was obvious sun damage. Anyone growing up in Australia and New Zealand in the 1960’s suffered this because our sun is the most punishing in the world.

Necks are a Difficult Area for Mature Ladies

Necks are a real problem for mature ladies because from the jawline down to the breasts (the decolletage area) there are less sebaceous glands. So the neck area is drier and more susceptible to wrinkles and takes longer to regenerate.

The best way to slow down the aging process in this delicate area is to always wear sun block when outside, even for a quick trip to the shops, and stay under shelter when sitting and socializing. Wearing lots of moisturizer also helps.

Types of Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles come in three types - concertina, road map, and crumple. I think the names speak for themselves!

There's also the "turkey gobble neck" with the pouch under the chin, or fat rings all the way around (plastic surgery and liposuction can help these sorts or neck problems).

The Neck Wrinkle Treatment

We decided to deal with my concertina neck with a three-pronged approach. This was not the plan at first as we assumed that MCA and rollering would fix the problem. However, we quickly realised we would have to add Mesolis into the mix.

1) MCA or Multitrepanic Collagen Actuation is a non-pigment camouflage treatment that helps relax and plump scars after surgery, such as facelifts, breast reconstruction or general body scars. It’s also used for plumping wrinkles on the forehead or around the mouth.

It works by multiplying the collagen uptake in a concentrated area using the tattoo machine to create a wound to produce bleeding to create a wound healing effect.

2) Skin Needling or Rollering or Dermaroller This collagen induction therapy works by stimulating your own body's collagen. Your body will start to naturally regenerate the skin, by working below the surface in the dermis. New skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced.

It takes around 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration are seen and the process continues over the next months, providing you with a gradual and long lasting enhancement.

3) Mesolis or Injectable Moisturiser made from hyaluronic acid which promotes skin rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in our body and is at the heart of one of the major revolutions in cosmetic treatment of lines and wrinkles – the dermal filler revolution.

Prior to the Appointment

As with most cosmetic procedures to the face it’s best to arrive at your appointment early and be pain prepped with the application of a topical numbing cream. The cream takes around half an hour and as well I spent 30 minutes with ice packs to calm the area down. As a precaution I took some Panadol 40 minutes prior too.

First Procedure

The first procedure was the MCA which is an aggressive way to deal with scarring, (as my skin furrows had become). It left my neck looking raw, scratched and red but because the area was covered by my hair it was not an inconvenience.

There was a time lapse of about 6-12 weeks between procedures as each process needs time for the effects to show.

Reviewing results 6 weeks after the MCA, we decided that the problem was that the furrows of the neck wrinkles were so deep that they needed to be plumped out so that the MCA and the needling could be more effective.

Second Procedure

We decided on Mesolis or injectable moisturizer to plump out the lines. Mesolis is done by the nurse and is quick as the injection is done with a preloaded gun. Afterwards my neck looked like I had been stung by bees and you could see each bump where the moisturiser was placed. This smoothed and evened out over the next week. Ice packs were applied and in the following days I massaged my neck to smooth out the bumps.

Once again we waited to assess the results and the Mesolis did pop the furrows out, so the next step was the needling.

Third Procedure

This was the skin needling or rollering with a device called a dermaroller. The dermaroller is very effective on fine lines and wrinkles.

For this procedure also you need to arrive 30 minutes early so the nurse can apply topical numbing cream and wrap your neck with plastic wrap. Take a couple of painkillers 40 minutes before as well.

The treatment was bearable and involved the application of the roller (as shown in the photo) in a forceful manner not unlike rolling dough!

Afterwards I sat with ice packs wrapped around my neck for 30 minutes my neck looked mottled and red not dissimilar to heat rash.

This subsided as I went home in the tax. I took the precaution of taking a light silk scarf with me to hide my neck and was back at work after about 90 mins.

By that evening my neck was flushed and red but by the next day was back to normal. Remember that some skin is more sensitive and will take longer to settle.

Cost of Neck Wrinkle Procedures

(All prices are in Australian dollars)

A total of 3 MCA procedures at $330 per session – Total $990

2 sessions of rollering at $660 per session - Total$1,320

and 1 session of Mesolis filler at $660 - Total $660

The three procedures together = TOTAL COST $2,970

The Results

The process took nine months and there are obvious signs of improvement(see photos). The “navvy” neck is gone and my neck has a much more youthful appearance. There is ongoing improvement expected too as all procedures improve the quality of skin over time as more collagen production is stimulated.


I decided to purchase the dermaroller to extend the treatment on my neck in a more cost effective manner.


I roll my neck twice a week in the evening last thing after I have taken my makeup off and washed my face. You really need to do do it at this time as your neck becomes red and sensitive and it's not a good idea to apply anything on your neck after the treatment.

It feels a bit prickly, not unpleasant, but a bit painful on the nape of the neck which is a very sensitive area.

After treating your neck you wash with clear water and spray on an anti-bacterial spray which is provided. In the morning when you wake up it's clear again.

The dermaroller will last around 2 years. I will update photos in 3 months to get a perspective on the improvement to my skin.

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