Permanently Remove Pubic Hair
with Laser Hair Removers and IPL

The laser hair remover has been around commercially since the 1990’s and is accepted as very safe.

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How do Laser Hair Removers Work?

Laser hair removers deliver a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to the melanin in the hair follicle, damaging it without damaging surrounding tissue. Lasers work best with light skin and dark hair, though some newer lasers are effective on dark black hair and dark skin.

How does IPL Work?

Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) was commercially used in the 1990’s for skin conditions like spider veins, varicose veins and port wine stains and it was not till the late 1990’s that its use for hair removal was discovered.

IPL technology produces light of high intensity during very short periods of time. The light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shaft and is converted to heat energy, vaporizing the hair shaft.

IPL is generally considered to be more suitable for blonde, red or grey hair. As with laser hair removers, IPL is a trusted technology and discomfort and damage to non-target tissue is minimal.

Which Should I Choose - Laser or IPL?

Commercial permanent hair removal equipment is expensive, so it's pretty much a given that any clinic is going to recommend the equipment which they have purchased, be it Laser or IPL.

There is some debate about which technology is more effective for hair removal so you are really in the hands of the beauty clinic you choose and should seek their advice at your first consultation. In addition there is continual improvement and even some merging of the technologies which make the specialist advice even more important.

The skill and knowledge of the practitioner in choosing the machine settings which are best for you (either laser or IPL) is also important in getting the best result.

The best beauty tip here, is to try the clinic of your choice, find out what kind of machine they are using and ask their advice if it is suitable for you. Assess the benefit after one treatment, and if you’re not happy, try a different clinic and practitioner.

Remember that with either technology you will typically need between 6 and 12 treatments, depending on the thickness of your pubic hair, so it is wise to choose a clinic near you simply for convenience so that you do not get fed up with travelling to appointments before your treatment is completed.

Hair Growth Cycles and Hair Eradication

Hair has three stages in its cycle - growth, transitional and resting. The time spent in each phase depends on genetics, hormones and the area of the body. Hair is in the growth stage 85% of the time (but not all hairs are in the same stage at the same time).

Laser hair removal is timed at 6-8 week intervals (which is the duration of the growth stage) and hair can only be destroyed during the growth stage.

Laser Hair Removal – The Procedure

I’ve had laser hair removal at Clearskincare Clinic and have been satisfied with the results.

After you arrive for your appointment you are guided to a room where you remove the lower half of your clothing, lie on a bed and place a towel over yourself till the practitioner arrives. She gives you goggles to wear to protect your eyes while the laser is being used.

The laser light is directed at a small area, you feel a little twinge, then she moves on to the next area. If you are having a Brazilian you are asked to lift one leg and then the other so she can reach the labial area and where the hairs grow between the cheeks of the backside.

I've had 6 laser sessions so far, full pubic, back to front, and underarm at a cost of $70 per session. Although no new hair has grown, there are still stubborn areas along the folds of the labia and the anal area.

Each session takes about 10 minutes and the pain level is tolerable, like a hot stinging bee sensation. As with waxing, it's a good idea to take a couple of painkillers 30 minutes before the appointment.

Operator We Have Tried and Like

ClearSkincare Clinics, which have a chain of clinics throughout NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Coat $70 per appointment for full pubic and underarm and you'll need about 6-12 appointments.

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