Mature Ladies in Heels Get the Approving Glances

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The percentage of ladies in heels seem to thin out after age 40, particularly the pencil stiletto variety. Why is that? Are mature ladies just too tired to bother, or do they think the effort is not worth it, or is it that they're afraid of causing damage to their feet?

To be glamorous a mature lady needs high heels. Let's look at some examples to demonstrate the point.

Dance shoe side Beige heels side

On the pic left I have a pair of low heels on with a pencil skirt and jumper. They don't look too bad, but contrast them with the heels on the right.

The higher heel makes all the difference. It's instantly more glamorous and less ordinary. I can walk down the street in a pair of flats and not even get a glance. Put a pair of nice high heels on and bang, every eye turns, men and women! The men are thinking "sexy", the women are thinking “why can’t I do that” – well you can do that, you just have to do it. Join the ladies in high heels!

Ladies in High Heels Look Glamorous

All glamorous women wear high heels. They live in their high heels. When they go home at night they take their high heels off and put their slippers on, or if they do sport, they wear their runners. Otherwise they're in high heels.

In Paris and New York, you don't see beautiful women walking in the street in runners or flat ballet shoes. They wear heels because they know it looks elegant, it looks beautiful and it captures the man's eye. Bottom line - men love legs. It's on their list. Flat shoes make legs look dumpy and the woman look frumpy and old-ladyish...

Don't desert your heels before you really have to! It's like cutting yourself out of a whole lot of life ...

Ballet Flats - Simply Not Sexy

Now there’s bad shoes out there that cut your leg off, short. They are the ballet flat, which is the devil of all shoes! if you have short or stumpy legs, a ballet shoe shows no mercy. It just says, “flat”. It reduces the length of your calf, and importantly the top part of your foot, from the toes to the ankle (instep) must be exposed and raised to give you that extra height in your leg. Take a look at the two pictures below.

These ballet flats do nothing for this sexy skirt. They dress it down and look well - very ordinary. See what happens when you put on high heels (pics below). There's no comparison. and it's clear which look will turn heads.

Most people are not born with long legs and long legs make dressing so much easier. You’ve got that height and the length in the leg to make a dress look nice, shorts look lovely, or a skirt look fabulous.

If you have shorter legs, the only way to lengthen them is artificially, by wearing shoes that give the illusion that your leg is so much longer than it really is. Ladies in high heels appear to have longer legs .. and that's all that matters!

Heels Get Bad Press

Mature ladies sometimes get into their minds that wearing high heels is detrimental to health and uncomfortable. The reality is, many high heels are not uncomfortable. It’s just a myth. Women need to get that notion out of their heads.

These days heels are very clever. With platform soles they give the illusion of height but are actually not difficult to walk in because the sole of the foot is raised from the ground as well.

Of course you have to choose your heels to fit the occasion. If you’re going out at night a very fine stiletto is fabulous. If you’re working during the day you can wear a slightly thicker heel that supports you well and still gives you height.

Heels even improve your bottom – push a flat bottom out a little and cause the hips to gyrate a little as you walk which looks sexy.

Ladies in heels simply look more stunning.

Ladies in Heels in Jeans

Now look at the two pictures above. When I'm wearing the cuban heels (right) I look longer, leaner and sexier. Ballet flats look incomplete. It looks as though I'm ready to do some household task, not go for a walk in the street.

Vive la Difference

Ladies, let's live the difference.Trying to compete with men, working 9-5 in jobs for which we have only fake passion, then scrambling home to pull the family together - is it really what we want? Men are so reluctant to share the bastions that make them confident as men.

Women need a different way. Making men want to please us is less effort and more successful. It's actually always been that way.

So let's not ditch the high heels when we turn 40! They're indispensable for a sex goddess ...

End of Ladies in Heels

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