Alluring False Eyelashes –
Neglected by Over-Forties?

Ladies … false eyelashes are not only for the rich and famous or the under-thirties.. They can make the mature beauty look great too and the cost is very reasonable.

To see what I mean, take a look at the pics of my eyes below without false eyelashes. The pic on the left shows my eyes with no makeup. The one on the right shows the same eyes no makeup and false eyelashes.

No lashes or makeup Lashes no makeup

I personally think that the eyes on the right, those with eyelashes, look better than those without. You can see in the picture on the left that my eyes would benefit from a blepharoplasty (eye-lift) but the false eyelashes also help to draw attention away from that.

The false eyelashes make even the eyes with no makeup look more dramatic, and the effect is even better with makeup (see pic below).

Lashes with makeup

This is one of the best makeup tips around for instantly brightening your face (see left for pic of false eyelashes with makeup).

I have rather small eyes and I was astounded the first time I had the false eyelashes put on. I was amazed how many people commented favourably about them. Then I wondered why I had waited so long to get them!

Long lashes with makeup Long soft lashes with makeup

At first I got just medium length ones, but then I moved to the longer ones, as shown in the pictures immediately above. Choose the length you feel most comfortable with. Whichever length you choose, they will add emphasis to your eyes, and you feel more confident even when you’re caught without makeup. They're definitely one of the best beauty tips for the mature woman.

Having a beautician apply the false eyelashes to your eyes takes around one hour. Some do it very gently and it feels like little fairy hands on your eyelids, carefully gluing each false lash to your lashes and it’s so, so relaxing. Remember to leave the glue set overnight on the day that you had them applied so it lasts longer. Avoid makeup and makeup remover to the eye area for 24 hours if you can, because the oiliness interferes with the glue adhering properly.

There are two main sorts of silk lashes, those which are individual lashes and those which are on a "run" of lashes, which the beautician cuts to size in short segments of a few lashes and glues to your lashes. I don't like the individual lashes because they are too light and need mascara applied to them. They don't create much of an effect.

With previous beauticians my lashes only lasted a week or so before bits started falling out. Then you need to get those lashes replaced when your eyelashes start to look raggy. So good glue is quite important. It’s a good idea to try a few establishments to find the service that suits you best.

A new set of silk false eyelashes (don’t bother with any other kind because silk is king) cost around $150. Interim replacement trips vary between $35 and $70 depending on how many new lashes you need.

You can also buy do-it-yourself ones at department stores and the large chemist chains, and apply them with the glue provided. I’ve known ladies who are expert at this, but alas, I am not one of them! Practice probably makes perfect though, so if you find the cost of having the eyelashes applied by a professional to be too much, this is probably a good alternative.

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