Invest in Breast Implants to
Boost Self Esteem

Men LOVE Breasts

Breast implants are possibly the best investment a mature lady will ever make. Like it or not it’s a man’s world, and like it or not, men LOVE breasts. So whether you spend $4,000 in Thailand, or $12,000 in Australia getting that boob job, you will be paid back many times over in admiring looks and attention from men and find that you get better service and quite possibly, a better job.

Kerry in evening dress

Even though lots of men say, “Oh I like you just the way you are” or “they’re nice as they are” it’s not really what they think, because men can’t help ogling girls with big, perky breasts. It’s innate. And it’s not just men - everyone loves breasts!

But He Won't Pay for Them

Will your husband pay for breast augmentation surgery for you if you are a wife, dependent on your husband’s income? Nine times out of 10 they won’t. They are not as generous with their wallets as they are with their roving eyes! They figure there is a smorgasbord of excellent large and bouncy boobs out there to look at, which they don’t have to pay for.

So you need to be determined and wily to get that boob job and be one of the girls being ogled, instead of the one feeling annoyed.

You might like to look at the website which is " innovative website that allows men to donate money to women to help them fund a free boob job." We have no direct experience of it ourselves, so if you do, we'd love to hear from you.

The history of breast implants begins a century ago with injected paraffin and ends in current times with furry Brazilians, the latest advance in silicone breast implants.

Why Does the Mature Beauty Need New Breasts?

When we’re 16 to maybe as late as 35, whatever the size of our breasts, they’re perky, ripe and full. As we get older the breasts begin to” head south”. If we have children, however much we’re grateful for them, they do wreak havoc on our breasts. As women our femininity is all wrapped up in the shape of our bodies and the softness of our curves. In these days of frequent divorce and re-partnering a gal needs all her assets into later life.

The Power of Breasts

Breasts are mesmerising. When our breasts arrive at 12-16, we're in love with them. Then we get boyfriends and they love them too. Our children, our babies, worship our breasts. So as women, our breasts are revered, they’re worshipped, they’re adored. What better reason to have lovely breasts, and why should we not have them?

Real Life Breast Augmentation Stories

If you'd like to read Kerry's and Sophie's real life stories about how breast augmentation surgery changed their lives after 40, and boosted their self-esteem go to Kerry's breast implant story and Sophie's breast implant story.

Anna has not yet gone for surgery but finds hormone replacement therapy, (HRT), useful.

If you're currently considering breast augmentation surgery see also our Boob Job Checklist for a list of useful things to contemplate when making your decision.

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