Botox Pictures Show the
Effectiveness of Botox Injections

These Botox Pictures, taken one day after (below left) and then 10 days after the Botox wrinkle treatment (below right), show its youthful smoothing effect.

Botox picture 1 Botox after 10 days

I have been having Botox injections for around three years, since I was 42, and honestly, wouldn’t be without them now.

My background as a horse trainer meant that I was in the Australian sun for long hours, and this had an adverse effect on my skin, prematurely ageing it. So I was very happy to discover that Botox injections (and also Dysport, a similar treatment) effectively reversed a lot of the damage and prevented more from happening.

It's hard to find a close-up photo of me after 30 because I was quite self-conscious of the crows' feet and frown lines I had, but here is a cropped and blown-up one of me at 33 (below left) compared with one 12 years later (below right)after a few years of Botox injections.

Sophie eyes 33 Sophie eyes 45

Although the quality of the left hand photo is not good, I think it does show that there has been no significant deterioration since I was 33. Had I not had Botox, it would not look this way.

How Long Does It Last?
The effect usually lasts about 6-9 months, and towards the end of that time I notice that the frown lines between my eyes and the crows’ feet at the sides of my eyes, start to look very deep and noticeable. That's when I know it's time for another lot of Botox injections.

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Botox Injection Side-Effects?

Botox picture 3

I've not had any adverse effects from Botox or Dysport injections. Sometimes I have a little bruising when the injections are administered, but this does not happen often. When it does, the bruise disappears in 2-3 days.

The botox picture on the left demonstrates the bruising I sometimes get. When you look at the photo you may have difficulty seeing it at all. In real-life it is noticeable, but not at all bad, and can be covered up with foundation.

Botox picture bruise

Here's a close-up of the same bruising (pic right). Hopefully from these two botox pictures you can see that the bruising is quite minimal.

I'm not quite sure why it happens sometimes and not others. It could be the way the injection is inserted. Then again, I've not been unhappy with any of my practitioners I use so I think it just comes with the territory sometimes.

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