Botox Before and After Photos

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These Botox before and after photos endeavour to show you the positive effect of the substance on your crows feet, and "rabbit lines" over the nose.

We have to say, whether the news is welcome or not, that unless you want to age disgracefully, Botox (or substitute) is a must-have for mature ladies.

When you get to 40+ most mature ladies in Australia are not liking what they see in the mirror. The climate is harsh, and the lines round the eyes, and sagging cheeks display our age for all to see. It's not a pretty sight. Thankfully, it's relatively easy to do something about it.

Now, here's a series of botox before and after photos for you to examine ..

The pics below show the crows feet returned because it's about 10 months since I had my last Botox treatment. Practitioners generally recommend applications at 4-monthly intervals.

Before Dysport Before Dysport July12

The pics below are 3 days after the Botox treatment and the effect is starting to show.

Right Left

Now, here's an image of me 5 days after the Botox (which was actually Dysport, a competitor) and I think you'll agree that I don't look 60. Thank god for that!

You'll see how, even though I'm smiling a wide smile, my crows feet can't form their normal deep furrows. They just have to be satisfied with small lines, and my face looks so much better for it.

To be honest ladies, I've also had dermal filler, to lift sagging cheeks and restore a generous mouth, all signs of youth.

Never Believe That "Normal" Physical Decline is Inevitable

The naysayers will always tell you that physical decline is inevitable and you should "age gracefully" (whatever that means - I've always wondered!)

But ladies, do you see filmstars, wealthy women or western women politicians letting their faces line and sag. They won't necessarily tell you, or they may lie when asked, but you can still see that they look younger than their age.

Don't feel guilty about wanting to look good. If you're fearful about trying new procedures, well, that's natural. But once you have some success, I promise you, you won't go back. It's so much better to look younger than older!

The pics below show me 5 days after my recent Botox (which was actually Dysport) treatment. The lines continue to soften.

Annae Annac

Our Conclusion

Well, now you have seen lots of pics, we hope you're not confused. These Botox before and after photos intend to demonstrate that Botox (or substitute) can prevent you from looking old and haggard. Hopefully they've done that!

End of Botox before and after photos:

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