Botox Before After Pictures
of a 60 year old mature lady


These Botox before after pictures of a mature lady, (60) are taken before the Botox treatment, and then again 10 days afterwards. The substance used was actually Dysport, a Botox competitor, but the effect of the two substances is much the same.

Before Photos

The set of four photos below was taken before the treatment. They're up close and personal, and look worse than they would to the naked eye, but they do give a good idea of the furrowing that takes place around the eye area if nothing is done.

Photos Taken 10 Days After

In our series of before after photos, this next set of four photos is taken 10 days after the substance was injected. The top two photos in the series below are taken with makeup on, the lower two are without makeup.

Dysport108 Dysport 107

Dysport102 Dysport 104

It takes up to 10 days for the Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin), to really take effect. In the first four photos on this page it had been 10 months since Botox was last used.

Why Use Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin)?

The substance does rejuvenate the face and considerably soften those lines which are a dead giveaway of age. (Judge yourself from the Botox before after photos). The appearance of the face is more pleasant, with regular treatments, as it presents a more youthful appearance. Whether we like it or not, youth is more attractive than advanced age.

Areas Treated

The areas treated were crows feet and across the bridge of the nose. For more information on how much was used and the cost of the treatment, see our page entitled Alternatives to Botox.


Can Over 55's Start with Botox?

It's not too late to start with Botox or Dysport if you're over 55. The substance still makes a dramatic difference, even if you are quite lined. Once you start, you do need to keep it up. Practitioners advise every 4 months, but you may prefer every 6 or 8 months.

Using Botox regularly tends to re-train the muscles not to squint in the way they were accustomed to. Over time you should therefore be experiencing less wrinkling rather than more.

Regular Botox use, combined with dermal filler, to restore volume and lift sagging face muscles, can really produce a radically better look to an older face.

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